? Not known 1
A no 56
B yes: (POSR) pers.pos.pref-POSSD 14
C yes: (POSR) POSSD-pers.pos.suf/clitic 21
D yes: (POSR) pers.pos.pref-POSSD-possessed 0
E yes: (POSR) pers.pos.pref-rlt-POSSD 3
F yes: (POSR) POSSD-possessed 2
G yes: (POSR) rlt-POSSD 0
H yes: (POSR) linker-POSSD-possessed 1
I yes: pers.pos.pref-classifier POSSD 3

Feature NP402: In possessive constructions with a nominal possessor, is the POSSESSED noun usually marked? (state most frequent construction; NB: if marking depends on alienability, state marking of possessor in ALIENABLE constructions)

Feature Domain:
NP-Attributive possession
Olga Krasnoukhova
Additional Information:
Terminology: pos.marker = possessive marker which is a free or bound form which indicates possession, and which is morphosyntactically associated with a noun denoting possessor. Pers.pos.pref/suf = personal possessive prefix or suffix is an affix which encodes person, number and/or gender of a possessor and which appears on the possessed noun. Possessed = refers to a free or bound form which indicates that an item is possessed and morphosyntactically associated with a noun denoting the possessed entity. NB: word order of possessor vs. possessed is symbolic, and is specified in a separate section!

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