? Not known 14
A no 19
B realized as prefixes 0
C realized as suffixes 7
D realized as free morphemes 5
E realization depends on (pro)noun 0
N/A Not Applicable 56

Feature NP835: Are there classifiers used in possessive constructions?

Feature Domain:
NP-Noun categorization device
Olga Krasnoukhova
Additional Information:
e.g. [1SG-CLF:LIQUID honey] 'my honey'. By a classifying morpheme is meant a free or bound morpheme which is a noun categorisation device, the choice of which is determined by lexical selection. Indicate in the comments field whether the genitive classifiers categorize (a) the possessed noun; (b) the possessor; (c) the relation between possessor and possessed.
Logically depends on:
NP830: Are there classifiers?

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