Datapoint Desano / Is there agreement in NUMBER between adjective and noun?

Is there agreement in NUMBER between adjective and noun? designed by Olga Krasnoukhova
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Olga Krasnoukhova 2013-12-22
“The descriptive modifier generally precedes the head noun in the NP. When it goes before the head, it is marked with a deverbalizer but not with a class or gender marker. [...] Following the noun, the deverbalized modifier is inflected with the noun class or gender marker, or the noun is repeated if it does not have a separate class marker” (Miller 1999:3). Property concepts are expressed by verbal roots occurring with classifying morphemes denoting shape (for inanimate referents) or classifying morphemes denoting masc sg, fem sg or plural (for animate referents) (Miller 1999:35). In case of inanimate nouns, the plural suffix (only -ri?) occurs on both the head noun and any modifier that accompany it (Miller 1999:52).
Miller 1999:35
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1 yes
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